Zbrush Models

The following are some models I made for my Zbrush class. A very basic model was made in Maya and UV mapped before exporting to Zbrush to add details.This is a close up of a bird model, showing the details added for the feathers and eyes. The texture is made from photo references of different birds and feathers. I then used the texture as an alpha map to sculpt on more details for the feathers. Finer feather details were manually sculpted in as well.
This is a zoom out of the bird on it's tree. The tree was completely sculpted in Zbrush and textured from bark photo reference.
Zbrush model of Luiz Felipe Scolari. This was for my ZBrush class. We were given a generic low res head model and a texture, and we had to model in the details in ZBrush. I also created a pore map and a wrinkle map to use as an alpha to bring out the details.
This is a head model of Patrick Stewart that I modeled in Zbrush using a generic male head model as a starting point. The texture is painted on in Zbrush using a spray brush method. He still needs a better shader for the skin so he doesn't look so dusty/dirty and some real eyeball textures instead of the white placeholders now.
This is the first model I made for Zbrush class. It's a Lion Head Doorknocker made from a Z-plane.

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