Felt Dolls

Sylvie is a sassy sweet girl with a penchant for fashion and dressing up. When she's not shopping and chatting up a storm with strangers, she likes to sit in quaint cafes sipping tea with a close friend. Sylvie appreciates the simple things in life like good friends and good tea.

Her passion is to become a fashion designer.
Betty is hairdresser with a flair for the dramatic - big, blue hair, bright yellow dress, yellow pearled flowers in her hair, and icy pink lipstick. However, Betty is extremely gifted as a hair stylist and is well-known for her talents. Sylvie, for instance, will have none other as her hairdresser.

She wears an antique key around her neck because, while she's always in-tune with the latest styles, she also understands the romantic attraction to the old fashioned.

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