Unloved Monsters

These dolls are crocheted from my imagination. This is Unloved. No one liked him when he was in-progress and no one liked him when I first showed him around. He's a big hit now, but his sad expression is a reminder of how no one liked him at first. Poor guy!This is "Can't Dance. She's a lovely lady (monster) but, sadly, she can't dance. If only she could dance! Then she'd surely smile for you.Zombie Mouse is one of a rare breed of mythological creatures once persecuted for their association with bad dreams. It's name is derived from its zombie-like appearance. It was later discovered that Zombie Mice actually feed on bad dreams, thus getting rid of them rather than causing them.

Hold him close in your hard times to keep those bad dreams away.Fat Grub wants to grow up to become a beautiful butterfly. To be truthful, he's not sure if he's really going to become a butterfly. He's short, he's fat, and he might just be a maggot. But, for now, he eats his vegetables everyday and he thinks big butterfly thoughts.

I hope Fat Grub will get what he wants one day.
Flowery, the caterpillar was born with three silver and purple flowers firmly attached to her back. She should be upset that she looks different from all of her siblings, but she is happy to be inching along in the forest, prettily bedecked with flowers. She bears looks of horror and disgust daily, but she knows that she is special and that, what others consider to be strange, is really quite beautiful.

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