Robot Paper Dolls 2009

Zen Bot embodies calm, peace, and one-ness with the outer world. He can be found meditating in quiet corners and levitating. He will not disturb you, and asks please that you respect his space too. However, he will occasionally engage you in spiritual and philosophical conversations about the meaning of life, God, and the wonders of the galaxy.

Zen Bot is approximately 5.5 inches tall. Wee Bot is very small. He's also very cute. He's a very good little bot that doesn't bother anyone much. Although he does like to ask questions. If you want him to stay quiet, just give him a chocolate chip cookie, and he'll sit down and be quiet as a mouse.

Wee Bot is about 4.5 inches tall.
Vintage Bot loves all things old and pretty. She spends her free time scouring the thrift shops in search of vintage fabrics, clothing, and shoes. She's especially fond of old laces.

Vintage Bot is about 6 inches tall.Nurture Bot cares for the other Bots as though they were all her children. She is loving, good, and kind, and never says a harsh word to anyone. She likes to sing lullabies to soothe you when you're stressed, and she'll listen to you as a mother would to her only child.

Nuture Bot measures approximately 6 inches tall.Garden Bot loves the great outdoors. He loves the smell of the soil, and the way the leaves look bright green when the sunlight shines through them. He could spend an entire day just sitting in the garden and digging around.

Garden Bot is about 7 inches tall.Control Bot is the opposite of Stress Bot. He is calm and takes action to solve problems. He is a thinker, and he is technically savvy. He likes to analyze the situation and take steps to fix it.

Control Bot is approximately 6 inches tall.Stress Bot is always freaking out. He's frequently frazzled, most of the time anxious, and all of the time stressed out. He spends most of his free time running erratically around the house, waving his arms, and worrying about real and imagined things.

Stress-bot is approximately 5.5 inches tall.Glee Bot is a simple fellow. He loves nothing better than to dance, sing loudly, and to giggle and grin at everything. Oh, and popcorn... he has a thing for popcorn. Glee Bot is the kind of Bot you want around if you just need to chill out and relax. Give him some popcorn and some music, and he's instantly your best friend.

Glee Bot is about 5.5 inches tall. The Rat King Bot is a pompous, no-good king. He dances, he eats, and he dances some more. Where is the work? There is none! He's the king and he wants to dance!

Rat King Bot is about 7 inches tall.

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