Zombie Paper Dolls

Thelma woke up one day to discover that she was lying in a back alley AND SOMEONE HAD EATEN HER ARM OFF! They had also taken a bite out of her other arm, and eaten the toes off of one of her feet. Thelma is now one of the crankiest zombies around. She plans to track down the zombie that did this to her and to exact sweet revenge. At very least, she plans to smack them around with her stump of an arm.

When Thelma isn't planning her gory revenge, she likes to hang out with her boyfriend Hank. She thinks he's 'the one', but she hasn't told him this yet.

Zombie Thelma is about 7.5 inches tall.
Hank loves movies. He's a regular couch-potato that is perfectly content munching on theatre-style popcorn while watching re-runs of sci-fi flicks. That is, he's perfectly normal except that he's dead (a zombie to be more exact)... and he likes brains with his popcorn - the more the merrier.

Zombie Hank is about 6.5 inches tall.
Zombie Dave is just a regular guy... except he's dead. And he likes to hang out at night over alleyways (and shelves) to attack the unprotected brain or two. I'd wear a helmet if I was you.

Zombie Dave is about 6 inches tall.

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